Saturday, 13 September 2014

Bourjours Paris Bronzing Powder 51 Review

Bourjours Review

This weeks make-up review is on the very popular Bourjour's bronzer. I think it's a great bronzer to start off with as its doesn't look to much but you can build it up.

The packaging is perfection as it can easily slide into you bag when your going out. Although sadly it doesn't have a mirror so it's not the best on the go make-up choice.  Furthermore the scent is just wonderful, a sweet mild chocolate smell that's really addictive.

The shade is a very light matt brown (although there is a selection). Another essential point is that although the you may see a few shimmers and sparkles in it nothing shows up on the face. Perfect for people who don't want that overly shimmer face look.
You can get this product from any drugstore or high street shop in your area.You can purchase this product at Boots and Super drug for £7.99.

Finally to top thing's off it has a cute description that fits the product perfectly. Hopefully this review helped you in choosing your bronzer.

Thanks for reading
-Izzy and Coleen