Friday, 28 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Fashion

Hello Everyone.

I love autumn/winter their is something so satisfying about wearing a new coat or just being all cosy and worm in hats and scarves;and seeing all the new autumnal clothes flock into shops.
So today I thought i would share with you my favorite Autumn/Winter outfits/pieces. I've selected these mostly from shops on the high street or from the odd online shop.

This is my first favorite outfit,I found it on my friend Libbies,blog and instantly feel in love with it.
My favorite piece of this outfit is the burgundy navy blue checked blazer.I think this is a perfect jacket for autumn winter as its the perfect color and its also looks smart but its still casual.For more details about Libbies outfit click Here.

2nd outfit-I saw this in one of Gabriella Lindley vlogs and I really liked the style of it.
I have been looking for a cape since I saw Cara Delevinge sporting a blanket wrap at the AW2014 Burberry show.
The cape is from Zara at a price of £90 and the jeans are from H&M at £8 but you can pretty much find them anywhere.I love the cape as I think its so different-inside the hood there is emerald green faux fur WOW.It just makes a change to the usual trend of red and mustard at this time of year.

I spotted my third and final outfit whilst I was online shopping on the Urban Outfitters site.
This look could easily be worn during the day and to a casual evening event.The skirt is £18 but unfortunately i don't know the price of the top and the shoes as,only the skirt was on sale but I'm defiantly going to hunt it down and purchase the whole outfit.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post,comment what your favorite autumn outfit is.

Thank you for reading 


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wake Me Up foundation review

Wake Me Up Rimmel London Foundation

Hello girls!This post is going to be on the Wake Me Up foundation product which I have been wearing for a year now! Unfortunately this isn't a new discovery to the world but maybe if you have never worn make-up or the product before you can read this and see if its the right thing for you...<3 I know I have recently put this product in my autumn favorites but i have decided to do an overall review on it.

 First of all i would like to mention the packaging, I love how the glass container feels and looks expensive with a smart lid. I adore the orgasmic bright orange colour's, it really makes you feel a lot brighter in the mornings.

The bottle says no lies with anti-fatigue effect and radiant glow on the front of it. It really makes you feel so much awake in the mornings than other foundations I've experienced. In the past i would have put my foundation on in the morning and felt like my face was very heavy but with this i feel more awake for the day ahead. 

The foundation comes in five different shades from light to dark so it shouldn't be hard to pick the right shade for your face. I haven't had any problems with the product so far and I'm going to buy it many more times in the future! The only problems some people might get are that if you have severe acne etc. and you feel like its not covering anything then you might need more that one cover or a different foundation with a more matt thick texture for your face to cover any unwanted blemishes. I have also noticed it makes your face sparkle in the sun(like a vampire) but only if someones intensely looking at your skin. But overall this foundation with just one cover looks very natural if that's the look your after.  

Thank you for reading and expect more reviews in the future! Next I will be comparing the two soap and glory eyebrow pencils, comment any ideas for the blog! Sorry i haven't used my own pictures; my foundation has nearly ran out and its not very photogenic ;)

Thanks again, Isabelle x

Boots -


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H&M Shopping Haul!

Hello guys! I have recently been out shopping to buy some needed clothes for this winter... Just a few small and big things to share with you!
I went into h&m and I saw his gorgeous long top that can be worn over a black strappy top. I thought it was great to wear to a family dinner out or in. I pictured myself wearing it in New Year's Day.

I was then thinking I should get some new shoes to go with my new outfit so with help from my sister I picked out some Chelsea boots. A lot of my friends have these but these perticular boots seemed more bulky and bigger so I liked the difference. 

Next I went into Superdry because I had some vouchers to spend. I was looking for something I could where to keep me warm like a jumper. I saw one with some fluff around the edge of the hood but I didn't choose it ; fluffy clothes don't go with everything all year round mostly in the winter. So I chose this burgundy colour zip up jumper  (I hate it when I get too hot and I have to take off the whole jumper just to put it back on again because it gets too cold so I find zips handy). It's soft and cosy when on and they have other sizes available to fit you. I must admit it makes you look very slim.

After this I took a visit to Boots to buy something small. I was searching for a body spray; I wanted to put it on every few hours so I smelt nice and clean. So I chose a fruity Strawberry Boots extracts spray. It's such a warm vibrant smell, totally addictive! Easy just to slip into your day or school bag.

My last item from H&M where my jeans, I bought skinny high-waste jeans for £19.99. I like them because they have just the perfect wash I wanted so I was lucky <3

I know you can't see the jeans too clearly so heres the link to the shop -
-Isabelle x

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Harry Potter Studios! :)

Harry Potter Studios

Hello everybody! A few day's ago I went on a trip to the Harry Potter Studios, it was so exciting (especially if your a fan). The trip wasn't too long but if your not sure what to take on your travel read the travel essenceials post by Coleen. I just wanted to show you my experience and the pictures I took! I'm not going to upload too many or it might ruin your own experience there <3

This is what the studios looked like outside. ( I probably shouldn't admit this but i nearly screamed).

This was the great hall (Halloween style). It was amazing to see what props they used (all real) in the movie and how they set everything up. It really opens your eyes to see how much the designers and builders had to make for the movie it's incredible.

This pictures of the gryifindoors (sorry if I spelt it wrong!) room.

And this must be one of my favourite pictures... QUIDITCH!!! 

This is another favourite!! The night bus :)

I didn't want to show many pictures because I didn't want to ruin anybody's experience for when they go. And I'm sorry if the pictures (I took like 100 :o) are blurred I used my iPhone 4... This is the last picture, at the very end ( before the shop ) there was a room full of these wand boxes with hundreds of names on them. Names of people that helped create the magical movies. It's really incredible how much effort so many people put into to make the books come alive aswel as the actors!! 

The day was really fun and I hope you all go and experience it for yourselves! 

Thank you for reading!
I'm going to be doing haul post soon!
- Isabelle aka izzy 

Louise's LookBook (All about that Base)

Louise (sprinkleofglitter)  is one of my favourite bloggers/youtubers and I have been watching her videos and reading her blog post for quite some time and last week she uploaded a look book and no word of a lie I have watched it about 100 times ITS THAT AMAZING!
What I loved about this video is how happy Louise was: both with her body and in herself and how she embraces her body and shows it off. This made me feel very comfortable about my Image as I seen how comfortable Louise was with hers.
Also Louise used All About That Bass as her background music, I love this song as it speaks out to all kinds of body images and reassures us all that "every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top"  which exactly the message that Louise puts across in her look book and in her chummy chatter series with Zoe Sugg Aka Zoella.

Click the link above to watch the video

I think the main point that im trying to get across is that everyone is perfect no matter what size you are, and I think this video is a perfect example of that.

"I think it's pretty clear that I'm not the average model size- I'm a 5"7 and size 16-18. I'm completely in proportion and for the most part, I think I look nice. Obviously I have days where I feel like I need to exercise more or choose salads over pasta, but generally speaking, I feel good.
Being plus size does not mean you are lazy or have no control. It does not make you less worthy and it does not mean you are less attractive. Any woman is beautiful, all you need is confidence and to understand the shape of your body and how best to dress it. As long as you are happy and healthy, you're gonna look GORGEOUS." - Louise Pentland (sprinkleofglitter)

Thanks for reading.