Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Harry Potter Studios! :)

Harry Potter Studios

Hello everybody! A few day's ago I went on a trip to the Harry Potter Studios, it was so exciting (especially if your a fan). The trip wasn't too long but if your not sure what to take on your travel read the travel essenceials post by Coleen. I just wanted to show you my experience and the pictures I took! I'm not going to upload too many or it might ruin your own experience there <3

This is what the studios looked like outside. ( I probably shouldn't admit this but i nearly screamed).

This was the great hall (Halloween style). It was amazing to see what props they used (all real) in the movie and how they set everything up. It really opens your eyes to see how much the designers and builders had to make for the movie it's incredible.

This pictures of the gryifindoors (sorry if I spelt it wrong!) room.

And this must be one of my favourite pictures... QUIDITCH!!! 

This is another favourite!! The night bus :)

I didn't want to show many pictures because I didn't want to ruin anybody's experience for when they go. And I'm sorry if the pictures (I took like 100 :o) are blurred I used my iPhone 4... This is the last picture, at the very end ( before the shop ) there was a room full of these wand boxes with hundreds of names on them. Names of people that helped create the magical movies. It's really incredible how much effort so many people put into to make the books come alive aswel as the actors!! 

The day was really fun and I hope you all go and experience it for yourselves! 

Thank you for reading!
I'm going to be doing haul post soon!
- Isabelle aka izzy