Wednesday, 19 November 2014

H&M Shopping Haul!

Hello guys! I have recently been out shopping to buy some needed clothes for this winter... Just a few small and big things to share with you!
I went into h&m and I saw his gorgeous long top that can be worn over a black strappy top. I thought it was great to wear to a family dinner out or in. I pictured myself wearing it in New Year's Day.

I was then thinking I should get some new shoes to go with my new outfit so with help from my sister I picked out some Chelsea boots. A lot of my friends have these but these perticular boots seemed more bulky and bigger so I liked the difference. 

Next I went into Superdry because I had some vouchers to spend. I was looking for something I could where to keep me warm like a jumper. I saw one with some fluff around the edge of the hood but I didn't choose it ; fluffy clothes don't go with everything all year round mostly in the winter. So I chose this burgundy colour zip up jumper  (I hate it when I get too hot and I have to take off the whole jumper just to put it back on again because it gets too cold so I find zips handy). It's soft and cosy when on and they have other sizes available to fit you. I must admit it makes you look very slim.

After this I took a visit to Boots to buy something small. I was searching for a body spray; I wanted to put it on every few hours so I smelt nice and clean. So I chose a fruity Strawberry Boots extracts spray. It's such a warm vibrant smell, totally addictive! Easy just to slip into your day or school bag.

My last item from H&M where my jeans, I bought skinny high-waste jeans for £19.99. I like them because they have just the perfect wash I wanted so I was lucky <3

I know you can't see the jeans too clearly so heres the link to the shop -
-Isabelle x

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