Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wake Me Up foundation review

Wake Me Up Rimmel London Foundation

Hello girls!This post is going to be on the Wake Me Up foundation product which I have been wearing for a year now! Unfortunately this isn't a new discovery to the world but maybe if you have never worn make-up or the product before you can read this and see if its the right thing for you...<3 I know I have recently put this product in my autumn favorites but i have decided to do an overall review on it.

 First of all i would like to mention the packaging, I love how the glass container feels and looks expensive with a smart lid. I adore the orgasmic bright orange colour's, it really makes you feel a lot brighter in the mornings.

The bottle says no lies with anti-fatigue effect and radiant glow on the front of it. It really makes you feel so much awake in the mornings than other foundations I've experienced. In the past i would have put my foundation on in the morning and felt like my face was very heavy but with this i feel more awake for the day ahead. 

The foundation comes in five different shades from light to dark so it shouldn't be hard to pick the right shade for your face. I haven't had any problems with the product so far and I'm going to buy it many more times in the future! The only problems some people might get are that if you have severe acne etc. and you feel like its not covering anything then you might need more that one cover or a different foundation with a more matt thick texture for your face to cover any unwanted blemishes. I have also noticed it makes your face sparkle in the sun(like a vampire) but only if someones intensely looking at your skin. But overall this foundation with just one cover looks very natural if that's the look your after.  

Thank you for reading and expect more reviews in the future! Next I will be comparing the two soap and glory eyebrow pencils, comment any ideas for the blog! Sorry i haven't used my own pictures; my foundation has nearly ran out and its not very photogenic ;)

Thanks again, Isabelle x

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