Friday, 28 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Fashion

Hello Everyone.

I love autumn/winter their is something so satisfying about wearing a new coat or just being all cosy and worm in hats and scarves;and seeing all the new autumnal clothes flock into shops.
So today I thought i would share with you my favorite Autumn/Winter outfits/pieces. I've selected these mostly from shops on the high street or from the odd online shop.

This is my first favorite outfit,I found it on my friend Libbies,blog and instantly feel in love with it.
My favorite piece of this outfit is the burgundy navy blue checked blazer.I think this is a perfect jacket for autumn winter as its the perfect color and its also looks smart but its still casual.For more details about Libbies outfit click Here.

2nd outfit-I saw this in one of Gabriella Lindley vlogs and I really liked the style of it.
I have been looking for a cape since I saw Cara Delevinge sporting a blanket wrap at the AW2014 Burberry show.
The cape is from Zara at a price of £90 and the jeans are from H&M at £8 but you can pretty much find them anywhere.I love the cape as I think its so different-inside the hood there is emerald green faux fur WOW.It just makes a change to the usual trend of red and mustard at this time of year.

I spotted my third and final outfit whilst I was online shopping on the Urban Outfitters site.
This look could easily be worn during the day and to a casual evening event.The skirt is £18 but unfortunately i don't know the price of the top and the shoes as,only the skirt was on sale but I'm defiantly going to hunt it down and purchase the whole outfit.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post,comment what your favorite autumn outfit is.

Thank you for reading