Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Best Lip Products

I think we have all experienced:dry,chapped lips that are so sore,especially in the winter months.And as the winter weather rapidly approaches I thought I would give you the heads up on all the best lip care products,so that your prepared. 

1.Classic Carmex Lip Pot-£2.69.This is super moisturizing and you can defiantly feel it working once you have applied it.I only started using this about six months ago and I have defiantly seen a difference in my lips,as they used to be dry and somewhat sore.However I do find that I haft to keep on applying the product to get a good result,But over all a great product.Affordable too!

2.Blistex Intensive Moisturiser-£2.63.This is defiantly for someone who has very severe dry,cracked lips as it is intensively moistursing and maybe a little to over powering for everyday use.But it really does give fantastic results!.Its small too so perfect for on the go.

3.Chapstick-£1.15. Ah the good old chapstick. I love this balm it looks so pretty on the lips as it pale red.It also smells amazing! (strawberries and cream).I think this is good for daily use and for mildly chapped lips but I don't think its going to be very beneficial for those with severely dry chapped flaky lips as it is not very mousturising or nourishing.  

4. Maybeline Baby Lips Mint-£2.99.I love this product its really refreshing as its mint and its also in stick form so its super easy to apply.The formula isn't  slimy and it leaves a nice shine on the lips once applied.Its quite moistruising but again I think it would only benefit those with mild chapping/dryness etc.  

5,Vaseline Rose-£2.18.When I first purchased this I was really enjoying it  but then after the first week or so I got bored of it and really started to dislike it.I started to dislike how greasy it was and how slimy and noticeable it looked on the lips.However it does do great things for lips,I wouldn't say its better that the four other products that I have listed above but it is still good.Very cute packaging too.

Thanks for reading.
Comment any products that I have not mentioned,that are good too,I would love to know.

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