Wednesday, 31 December 2014

December Favorites

Throughout the month of december I have been trying some new products (and using some old ones)
which I have really been enjoying ,and I thought I would share them with you...So lets get started!.
I will link all the products that I have featured at the bottom of the page.
First thing that I have been loving this month is a bubble bar from Lush,this bar literally smells like a dream,with a strong blackcurrant scent and a cleansing uplift from the bergamot oil,that is one of the bars many ingredients.This product is supersized so you only need too crumble half of the bar under the tap for a nice relaxing bath,filled with bubbles. This retails at £4.75                                                                               

I am also enjoying a shower scrub,also from lush.It has a lovely bubblegum scent with a dash of lemon ,I use it too lightly exfoliate my body.Although Lush says you can use it to wash your hair as the salt will give your hair a volumized and a textured look.This scrub leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling lovely.
For christmas this year, I received the Naked bascis 2 and Naked flushed by urban decay.I really love these palettes,especially flushed as I love the pigmentation of the bronzer,blush and highlighter.It gives a very healthy glow to any makeup look.I will be doing a more in depth review about the palette in the new year.As for naked basics 2 it consists of six completely matte eyeshadows that are very blendable and look great on any skin tone.I will also be doing a more in depth review of this product in the new year.

The next thing that I have been loving is my Solutions balanced+matte cleansing foam.This cleanser foams up really well and gently cleanses your face while moisturizing at the same time.In my opinion this cleanser is better than the clinique anti blemish cleansing foam,and for the fraction of the price as well.The cleanser is fragrance free so perfect for sensitive skin.This retails at £3.00.

I have been loving the next item not just through december but since I bought it.Its my tangle teezer this brush is really good if you have thick hair that gets tangled really easily,it's also good for hair that is very damaged as the bristles don't pull on the hair like a normal paddle or barrel brush would.

Links to all products listed above:

What have you been loving this december? 

Happy new year