Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Garnier Ultimate Blends Oil Review

Hello everyone!
 It's Isabelle here and I'm going to give you a review on the new Garnier Ultimate Blends 'Sleek Perfector oil' with pure coconut oil. Since I have been using a lot of heat on my hair to curl it ( I have been using my Babalyiss wand and curl secret) my hair has become very dry and rough at the ends. I was scared that I would need to get it cut off so recently I have been searching for alternatives to replenish my hair without a chop. Whilst browsing the aisles I spotted this product. Exactly what I was looking for. You can use it before and after washes, before and after  styling and anytime you like or when ever nessisary. I discovered after using it my hair was very fresh looking, extremely silky and smooth with no flyaways. Refreshingly it smelt gorgeously of coconuts, just what I was after.

The oil itself goes a long way with just a few drops, so it lasts a very long time! I must admit to you very recently I leaned over a candle and burnt some of my hair and I'm so happy I bought this to replenish it. 

When applying the product I squeeze about two drops between my palms and slowly covered my hair lightly with it from my ear down. I try and concentrate on my harmed broke areas, the good thing is that it doesn't look greasy, unless you use too much. But if you use the correct amount for your hair type then it should be fine. As an example if your hair is very greasy or oily at the scalp don't use the oil there as it's not needed. Focus on the dry broken areas to add moisture and keep your hair healthy. I must say I haven't had anything bad with this oil!

I give this product a five out of five. If you wish to comment your view on the product then please do! I want to hear everybody's opinion. I will leave a link to other reviews below. ✌️πŸ’— I might also do other hair styling reviews in the future! 
See you next week πŸ˜‰  

Isabelle xxx