Saturday, 31 January 2015

Advice For Aspiring Bloggers.

1.Be prepared for giving up some "me" time so you can write a blog post.
This isn't so hard for me now but when I first started blogging I found this difficult because i'm not very good at timekeeping and I got sidetracked by other irrelevant things,But now i've realised that I can make this blog into something big and maybe turn into a income so Im willing to put my time and effort into making good content.

2.No one likes to read something they have seen a million times before.What I mean is this:There are particular post within the blogger community that have been done a million times over,and to be quite honest its getting boring.I used to write about a product that everyone else was writing about just to "fit in" and I didn't enjoy it ...The motto is this-Write about what you're interested in and not what you think is going to gain you readers because "its what all the other bloggers are doing"

3.This follows from my previous point but BE CREATIVE,UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL!.Dont follow the crowd.

  4.A good picture will make a good post.One of my favorite blogger's Julia Paige told me this and I completely agree.A picture is what a reader will see first when debating if they should click on a blog post.Think of your blog post like a product if its not got good packaging no ones going to be attracted to it and therefore not going to buy it.

5.Enjoy it! If you're not enjoying blogging and then it may not be for you.You haft to be motivated in order to make good content.

Let me know in the comments,if you have any advice?
*All pictures are my own

Thank you