Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Massive Soap And Glory Review!

Soap and Glory Review

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't made a blog post in some time I have been very busy with some mocks but I'm getting back into it now! My little sister has recently bought a massive haul of Soap and Glory so I wanted to show you all and quote what she likes about each product! I'm madly in love with this brand and I have recently been using their eyeliners and eyebrow pencils (I will do a review on these some time in the future) so i'm very excited to tell you about their other products :)

First I'm going to share with you the foot and hand cream, I think its important we moisturize our hands and feet because we use them all the time, nobody wants dry feet haha! I'm going to quote my little sister Nina because she has used these products the most. 
"I really like this foot cream because I have been suffering from really dry feet and now they are nice and smooth, same with my hands. I like to use the hand cream in the mornings and the foot cream after showers. I'm quite happy these products come in a big container because then they last longer but I wish I had a smaller one because its too big for me to take around when I'm out." -Nina

Next is the Moisture Lotion and Body Wash.  I really like this Orangeasm Body wash because whenever my sister uses it it makes the whole bathroom smell fresh and zesty, I'm sure going to buy it for myself!
"I really like this Body Wash because it makes my skin feel lovely and soft, very moisturized. I really enjoy the fresh scent it leaves on my skin, very fruity."
The Butter Yourself moisture lotion in my opinion is heavenly, I have used it myself. It left a great smell that stayed on me the whole day. I have looked up other reviews on this product, some people agree with me and others say its too sickly. But I suppose thats personal referance, Nina said it left her skin soft like a baby's bottom haha. 

Sugar Crush Body Scrub! I really like this product, The smell is delicious and beautiful. I have experienced this scrub for myself and let me tell you it's a must have! It left my legs and arms feeling fresh and soft. I have no complaints what so ever.
"I really enjoy this scrub when I'm in the bath or shower. Especially after a long day it's really nice to snuggle up in bed smelling fresh like lemons and limes."

I think the righteous butter smells lush, me and Nina both have this and we both love it! It's great to put on after your showers or baths to just relax, feel and smell great.
"I really like this one, I love how its so thick and creamy, just what I want to moisturize my body."

Last but not least, the Whipped Clean Shower Butter!Unfortunatly I have not tried this luxery yet but Nina has.
"I think this one might be my favourite, the smell lingurs on my skin and I feeling like I have actually cleaned myself in the shower. It does great for my skin, makes it nice and smooth. I also like the fact it smells divine, like vanila and nuts."
Thank you for reading! I will upload more soon :) If you ever have any requests then just email, tweet us or comment on our instagram! See you all soon x
-Isabelle x