Thursday, 22 January 2015

Why We Started Blogging.

We all started blogging for different reasons,some people started to share their interest with an audience,and others started simply for fun.Today myself and Izzy are going to be individually telling you why we started blogging and the advantages and disadvantages of being a blogger ,and also some tips if you are looking to start a blog,and some advice for present bloggers.

Coleen- Personally for me this blog is a place where I can talk about whatever I want,and express my opinions to an audience that perhaps in theory would not listen if I shared these views verbally.I was really drawn to make the blog with Izzy because it seemed a great hobby and something that we can both be apart of.

I have always loved the idea and dream of being a blogger, it seemed so fashionable and enjoyable to do. I found out about blogging through watching YouTube beauty gurus. My little sister was making her own blog and I thought it was great and unsuccessfully made my own but later me and Coleen made this one together. I'm so blessed I can do something with my best friend that we both love and want to develop and do together as a team. Its great.

1.if you wish to start a blog be prepared for how much time it takes out of your day.

2.Your not going to get 100 views on a post just like that (let's be realistic)
Making good content and engaging with your readers on all social media platforms will help you gain readers.But mainly having good content that hooks a reader and makes them want to come back for more is what will make your blog grow 

3.Dont over promote your blog | What I mean is ; don't comment on others people s blogs "hey would you mind checking out my blog" or spamming people's instagram feeds or twitters with links to your blog,it's not going to get you loyal readers that come back for every post.if they like your content they will find your blog in there own time.